Remove limescale from taps

remove limescale from taps, remove limescale from your taps

Three solutions to remove limescale from your taps :
 Despite regular maintenance, limescale often ends up sitting on the taps. Given this, it is useless to scratch, you must simply use the right products. Here's how to give a new life to your taps.

overcome limescale
The products :
  Different products can help you to overcome limescale on your faucets. In addition to traditional cleaning products anti-limescale, distilled vinegar solution proves more efficient and economic. But the lemon juice can also do the trick.

limescale accumulate on taps, remove limestoneThe diagnosis :
  Over time, the limescale accumulate on taps, particularly at the foaming or the taps base. The longer you hang around the problem, the more difficult to remove limestone. It is therefore necessary to act quickly.

tackling the limescale, clean the valveClean tap :
  Before tackling the limescale, clean the valve. We can identify the areas where it accumulates limescale . Use a standard household cleaner and a sponge. Be careful not to scratch the taps with the green side of the sponge. This would create streaks on the enamel and make it more difficult for the next cleaning.

distilled vinegar to overcome traces of limescaleFirst solution: alcohol vinegar :
  The first solution, perhaps the most effective, is to use distilled vinegar to overcome traces of limescale. This requires pour vinegar in a cup and heat it. Then soak a cloth in vinegar for him to imbibe. If we are using the paper towel, you can also use an old rag.

Surround faucet with tissue
Surround faucet with tissue :
  When the paper towel is soaked in vinegar, it surrounds the calcified valve with portions thereof. To fit well at the tap, for example, you can tighten it with a rubber band.

Leave to act :
  For the vinegar really to act, we must leave it at least two hours.

remove limescale
If necessary, scrape :
  After removing the paper towel, remove limescale with it by rubbing lightly. If traces remain, scrape a little with an old toothbrush. Finish by rinsing thoroughly the taps.

Remove the frother
Remove the frother :
  Limescale can also sometimes accumulate in the gate of the aerator and its contours. For deep cleaning, it must be unscrewed. If this is difficult, use a clip accompanied by a cloth so as not to damage the valve.

Soak the frother, removing the limescale frotherSoak the frother :
  Nothing less tiring than removing the limescale frother: just soak in vinegar that can be preheated. After about two hours, all traces of limescale will be gone and the frother will be like new. Rinse before replacing.

Soak in a plastic bag :
 to remove limescale from the end of the faucet  Another solution to remove limescale from the end of the faucet is to soak in vinegar at the bottom of a plastic bag. This avoids having to remove the frother from the faucet. Pour a little vinegar in the bottom of a bag and set it so that the tempering valve inside. Then fasten it with a rubber band. As with the previous technique, it takes about two hours for the vinegar really to take effect.

The result :
  Simple to use, alcohol vinegar is particularly
effective against the limescale. The faucet becomes
 shiny and scale buildup disappeared.

anti-scale cleanser, get rid of limescale is to use a cleanseranti-scale

Second solution: anti-scale cleanser :
  Another solution to get rid of limescale is to use a cleanseranti-scale, which is easily found in supermarkets. In this instance, it is a spray product,  the faucet is sprayed and leaving to act  for a few moments.

Rinse the faucet to remove all traces of limescaleScrub with a sponge :
  Limescale disappears alone. If it remains tough in some places, rub a little harder. Rinse the faucet to remove all traces of limescale. Note that this solution is well suited for routine maintenance of limescale. However, vinegar is more effective against stubborn marks.

lemon juice is also effective against limescale depositsThird solution: lemon juice :
  Finally, lemon juice is also effective against limescale deposits. Cut the lemon in half and rub the cut side with tap. It must then flush the tap for it regains its shine.